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Brother Eddie Cole Jr. Celebrates 100th Birthday

In the year 1920, many significant events occurred in the United States. The United States passed two amendments (18th for prohibition and 19th for the right for women to vote). Charles Ponzi came up with what we know today as the “Ponzi Scheme”. The first baseball game of the Negro League was played in Indianapolis,…
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The Northern Province Welcomes Our Newest Chapter – The Canada Alumni Chapter

On Saturday September 19, 2020, the Canada Alumni Chapter was officially chartered.  The Chapter received Grand Board approval in January 2020 for the charter.  The chartering ceremony was originally planned to be held in Toronto, Ontario Canada during this summer, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to postponed and done virtually.  Grand Polemarch…
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Alpha Beta Meets with Senator Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris (Vice Presidential Candidate) made a campaign stop in Detroit on Tuesday September 22, 2020. Brothers from the Alpha Beta Chapter attended the event and were able to meet Senator Harris. She is featured with members of the chapter, which includes Ray'Jon Williams-Jackson who serves as the Junior Vice Polemarch of the Northern…
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