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iKare – Hurricane Harvey – PLEASE HELP!!!

Dear Brothers, All of you know the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey that has caused massive destruction in Texas and along the Gulf Coast. With over 10,000 people being displaced from their homes, this is a time every one of us can play a part in assisting some of those families in need. Many of…
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Hurricane Harvey iKare Effort

FROM THE DESK OF THE GRAND POLEMARCH "...When each member shows he cares how every other Kappa fares, and our obligation jointly share, that's the Kappa of my Dreams..." Brothers, Once again Mother Nature has come to visit our southern shores in tragic fashion. Hurricane Harvey has and continues to wreak havoc on communities in…
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Chief of Staff Charles Hicks Elected to Southfield (MI) School Board

Brother Charles Hicks, Chief of Staff to the Province Polemarch, was elected to the Southfield, MI School Board on November, 8, 2016.  Brother Hicks will be one of seven elected School Board Members serving the district.  The district has over 7,000 students and an annual budget of around $100M.  The current President of the Board is…
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