Deputy NBA Commissioner Brother Mark Tatum Visits Iota Phi Chapter

On Saturday October 1, 2016 the Iota Phi Chapter welcomed back to campus a very special chapter alumni, Brother Mark Tatum, the Deputy Commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Spring 1988 initiate of Fraternity.   Brother Tatum discussed his life, his career and how Kappa played a part in his life’s journey.   The audience of Cornell students, Kappa Leaguers and Brothers (Iota Phi Alumni, Corning-Elmira Alumni and the members for the Iota Phi Chapter who planned the event) all actively engaged with Brother Tatum in a spirited question and answer period before the event closed and migrated to a more intimate forum of brotherly dialog and bonding.

It is heartwarming to have Nupes at the peak of their professions, taking the time to give back to the chapters of their initiation. The impact, we hope, for the Kappa brand on Cornell's campus will continue to be strengthened by events like this and other community service and educational forums planned for the year.   In addition, the Kappa League’s partnership with the Iota Phi and Corning Elmira chapters is an example of two small chapters harnessing their limited resources to a have significant impact on young men's lives.

Deputy NBA Commission Mark Tatum (center) with members of Iota Phi Chapter.

Deputy NBA Commissioner Mark Tatum (center) with members of Iota Phi Chapter.

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