2020 Province Awards

Once again it's time to prepare for your submissions for this year's Northern Province Achievement Awards.  Please take the time to read the attached petitions and documents which spell out due dates for submissions, present Committee members, where to download the petitions and other particulars.

Since 2020 is not a Conclave year, please disregard the National and Province Certification requirements for the Paul W. Caine and Edward G. Irvin awards. In 2021, resubmission would be necessary, with the 2021 Provincial winners, moving forward for National submission.

Exception are collegiate brothers that will graduate in May or December 2020 wishing to submit a Guy L. Grant and/or Byron K. Armstrong petition to the National committee. To be eligible for the award at the 85th Conclave in Phoenix, the petitions must be submitted, per the updated Constitution and Statutes,  by a hard copy mailed to International Headquarters, POSTMARKED no later than two weeks after our upcoming 88th Province Council in Detroit AND an electronic copy of the petition be uploaded to the Achievement Commission electronic storage location indicated on the petition instruction form. Petitions submitted after the deadline will be deemed ineligible.

In addition, all chapters are asked to submit the name and contact information (name, email address, chapter affiliation and cell phone number) for a single representative from your chapter that will serve on the Province Achievement Committee. Please read the attached FINAL Achievement report for the names and chapter of the current members. Forward all names to me by March 1, 2020.

FINAL - Achievement Report - 87th Northern Province Council

The committee is looking for full participation from all chapters (undergrad and alumni) in all categories. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at np.achievementcommittee@gmail.com

Yours in the Bond,

Tyrone E. Harge | Northern Province Achievement Chair |